Welcome to Margot Smith’s official website. You can find out about Margot and her amazing music here as well as purchasing her 3rd CD, Margot Smith and the Nine Lonely Spirits Present “Inhumaninane”

Price $25 Australian dollars per CD – no extra shipping/handling worldwide. Proceeds from the sale of this CD go to Margot’s family. (update Sept. 4th, 2013).

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Margot sadly passed away in April 2011. It is with love that we keep her memory alive via this web site for her friends, family and fans around the world alike.

Current News:¬†Margot’s third album “Margot Smith and the Nine Lonely Spirits Present Inhumaninane” is now available for purchase via this website. See above for the button or the sidebar or the Inhumaninane page where you can read more about the CD.

Older news: It is coming up to the anniversary of Margot’s passing 17th April 2011. It is not going to be any easier this year, especially so for some who knew the very talented and amazing person that is Margot Smith. There is a new online memorial page arranged by the Funeral Home (White Lady Funerals) who facilitated Margot’s services last year. I just received a message from Margot’s sister Vicki who has invited all who knew Margot and wish to participate to visit the page and leave messages or virtual candles and virtual flowers if you prefer. I’ll also place a link to the memorial page in the footer. Thanks for letting me know Vic.

Feb 2012: This past February (2012), Margot’s sister Vicki raised $570 for a number of worthy causes through her FebFast donations page. The beneficiaries of FebFast are involved at the coal-face in helping young people avoid and recover from alcohol related issues, physical and social. Follow Vicki’s link for more info about this great program. Margot supported Vicki through her FebFast fund-raising two years ago and I know for a fact that she would be right behind each of the organisations which benefit from proceeds. Totatl funds raised overall were in excess of $200,000. Well done Vicki!

Sept 2011: The tribute night held on Sunday 18 Sept 2011 at Notes Live was a wonderful occasion. Special guests including The Church and other collaborators during Margot’s career, fondly performed Margot’s music during a 2+ hour show. Funds and charitable donations raised go to Support Act who assisted Margot and also the Sea Shepherds. A great group of Margot’s friends, fans and collaborators came together to remember and celebrate Margot through the prism of her musical career. She will always be a much loved legend of the Australian music landscape. This was a one of it’s kind event. Visit the Tribute Night for Margot page here or on Margot’s FaceBook memorial and tribute page for more details. Many thanks to all who made this event possible.


Get “Inhumaninane”

Margot Smith's 3rd CD available now via her website.

Price $25 Australian dollars per CD - no extra shipping/handling worldwide. Proceeds from the sale of this CD go to Margot's family.


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