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  • Jonathan Cridford says:

    From a new fan of Margot:

    I found her through Steve Kilbey, my all time favourite song writer, from my all time favourite band – naturally I was intrigued as I had already fallen for his ‘Hex’ project with Donnette Thayer. When I discovered Peter was on board too, that pricked up my ears. Then Margot started singing; speechless! Is there any way of either legally downloading/purchasing her discography online? I can’t get enough of these songs.


  • admin says:

    Hi Jonathan, you are not alone.

    You can find Margot’s last CD by going to:

    That address will redirect your browser to the latest eBay listing of Inhumaninane – Rajani at Futura is the official channel for this CD by arrangement with Margot and her family. No record company to keep it in limbo.

    You can possibly find Margot’s earlier CD’s from time to time on sale online, second-hand. Unfortunately, at this time there are no new official pressings of her past works.

    At some point in the future I hope that a decent record company kindly comes forward to take ownership of her catalogue, or alternatively when/if possibly I’d certainly like to.

    When I know of any changes regarding Margot’s earlier CDs I’ll be sure to announce that here on her website.

    I’m sincerely thrilled to know that you enjoy Margot’s music Jonathan and hope to one day solve this dilemma.

    Cheers, Ben Kross

    • Jonathan Cridford says:

      Thanks, Ben.

      I keep wishing that Steve will have a word with Russell and John and release them on Karmic Hit – we can hope, can’t we!?

      Still, the mere fact that I’ve heard of her from all the way over here in southern England is enough for now. There’s always the Audio section of the website to keep me happy.


      • admin says:

        Hi Jonathan, just want to update you and others who have asked over the years – Inhumaninane is now available to purchase here direct from Margot’s website.

        Communications about the earlier CDs are under way. Hoping to have similar good news about that in coming months.


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