Welcome to the photo galleries from “The 9 Lonely Spirits Present a Tribute to Margot Smith“.

Some months in advance of the show in Sept. 2011, Margot asked Kathy Dora to photograph the event. I am very proud to present them here for your pleasure, remembrance and in Margot’s honour. I tried to have these galleries wrangled properly before the anniversary of the event but missed it by a shade – nonetheless they will be a much loved reminder here of the amazing and inimitable person who was and ever will be, Margot Smith. You are much loved always Margot!

There are over 300 photos in all, split into 3 galleries:

View Pre Show Gallery
Pre Show, Setting Up (if you’re reading this, they ARE online right now).

View Live Show Gallery
The Concert NEW.

View After Show Gallery
After the Show (coming soon after – thinking over the weekend.

For those enjoying a bit more detail:

The galleries are rather large and I am starting with the pre-show images, the anticipation of the show set quite an atmosphere. It should load on practically every known device and screen size with hopefully minimal errors. I’ve organised it so that it should load a small number of images at a time as you scroll down the page to reduce waiting time. During the first days of the galleries being uploaded, there will be only a few ways to sort the images with a clickable menu at top.. eg. you could click “B&W” to see only black and white images on the page. You can click an image to see it in a hipster-pop “lightbox” style environment. Within the lightbox view, you can share the images to FaceBook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest. I am going to leave comments open below here to hear back about any info you might want to add to any of the photos.. over time, more info will be added such as who is in each photo – let me know if there’s anything omitted or in need of correction by comment below or using the slide-out contact form (tab at top right).


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