Margot Smith and the 9 Lonely Spirits present Inhumaninane

Proud to announce Inhumaninane, Margot’s 3rd CD now available directly from her website!

Price $25 Australian dollars per CD – no extra shipping/handling worldwide. Proceeds from the sale of this CD go to Margot’s family.

About the CD: Inhumaninane represents an incredibly honest expression of Margot’s spirit. It is a collection of narrative songs spanning a wide spectrum of emotions. A stylistically varied journey, it reveals much about her inner world and outward views. It speaks from personal vulnerability with a stirring appeal to all for the need to create a better future for humanity.

Inhumanine is an examination of human triumph, tragedy and regret on a grand scale interwoven with a very personal sub-textual narrative, the confrontation with her own mortality. Yet, in dealing with such difficult ideas, Margot has managed to produce a work of considerable grace and hope.

Margot suffered deteriorating health for some years leading up to the release of this CD. In her final year she pulled out all stops to summon her collaborators and supporters to help her to piece together the CD. She wished to leave behind a distinctive record and also a series of puzzles for those who dared to delve deeper. She wanted to paint a true personal picture in broad strokes as a cautionary tale. Her parting gift.

Sadly, Margot is not here to make more remarkable music but what can be said is, that she did manage in her lifetime to complete her third CD. If I may speak on behalf of all those who helped her to reach her goal, it was a mission which we are all very pleased to announce.

The Music: Again Margot calls upon her cast of long-time collaborators to move in unexpected ways through her world of ideas. She was an artist who’s main canvas was human emotion – how it is writ large in our lives. She transposed classic literature into lyrical relevant truths for today whilst also taking plainly intimate issues and building them into tempestuous high drama the likes from which classical literature is made.

The 9 Lonely Spirits include 3 of her brothers in music from the band The Church. Thanks to all – not least Sue Campbell who helped Margot in so many ways throughout the years and who’s help to produce this CD was much more than instrumental. Steve Kilbey wrote, co-wrote, produced and co-produced many of Margot’s works – a serious artistic team which leaves quite a heritage of its own. Peter Koppes who also played in her live band lineup co-wrote and produced some of Margot’s most astonishingly visceral and touching human moments of her career including 2 tracks here – one which includes the voice of his daughter the very talented artist in her own right, Neige Koppes. TimEbandit Powles worked on many of Margot’s tracks over the years, (producing and drums/percussion) and was a believer in her commanding presence and ability to create magic in song. David Skeet, what scintilating guitar, production and beats with Mr. Tim Powles (as Crackerbox) on the track “Planet Queen”. Ben Kross provided material support, encouragement and contributed the piano piece “The Secret” with which Margot bookends the CD. David Rule and Michael Wade appear on more than just a few of Margot’s tracks and had much to do with her development as an artist from the early days, a wonderful musical legacy and a near lifetime of involvement with Margot’s world. John Kilbey (Pardi) who worked on the project “Us” with Margot, provides an outstandingly unique and awesome vibe that jumps off all the charts on the track “Brother”.

Track Listing for Margot Smith and the 9 Lonely Spirits Presents Inhumaninane:

1. The Secret
2. Planet Queen
3. The Gospel Song
4. The Curse
5. Drunk As
6. Brother
7. Fester
8. Tar Baby
9. Leaving
10. Adored (live)
11. The Secret (reprise)


Price $25 Australian dollars per CD – no extra shipping/handling worldwide. Proceeds from the sale of this CD go to Margot’s family.

There is so much to be said of this CD and the artist Margot Smith. This page will likely expand over time to accommodate.

More thanks are due to not only the 9 Lonely Spirits and of course to Margot herself for this rare piece of art. Rajani Enderby has selflessly taken on the task of putting the CD into production. Not only as mere tribute to her friend Margot and to assist Sue Campbell in her charge but to genuinely help Margot find peace in the knowledge that her work was done before her time ran away from her. Thank you Rajani! and Sue I believe that because of what you have done, Margot did find peace.

During Margot’s career, many people came to know and love her. There are so many others who had much influence on this CD and indeed upon Margot’s life and in so many ways, musically and beyond. Some of those very amazing people are listed on the CD jacket and here with love and thanks:

Gary Ashton, William Bowden, Clyde Bramley, Bernard Carr, Brian Crittendon, Robert Fazzalaro, Karin Helberg-Lang, Steve Lucas, Scott Enderby, Peter King, Melodie Koppes, Neige Koppes, O Koppes, Michael McMartin, Ryan McKay, Lindy Morrison, Adrienne Overall, and Brian Smith.

Your considerable talents and dedication now form part of Margot’s legacy.

I’d also like to express many thanks to Margot’s family and her many other friends throughout her life, including Neil, Eddie, Jules, Jason, Hutch and Pauline, Phil Crotty, “Mon Oncle” John, George, Helen, and others such as Stuart Coup who had some idea as to her potential.


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Get “Inhumaninane”

Margot Smith's 3rd CD available now via her website.

Price $25 Australian dollars per CD - no extra shipping/handling worldwide. Proceeds from the sale of this CD go to Margot's family.


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